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How To Whiten Skin Fast In 3 Easy Steps

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Skin whitening doesn’t have to be time-consuming. Some natural remedies can help whiten the skin in a jiffy. Achieving flawless skin is definitely possible, and there are several different ways to achieve that glow.

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Today I am going to show you how to whiten skin fast at home using natural skin whitening ingredients that will help you get fair, glowing, and super soft skin in a week.

Ready? Let’s get straight onto it. 

Step 1: Scrub

coffee for skin whitening

For the scrub, I will need –

Take a clean bowl and add 1 tsp of coffee powder into it. Now add 1 tsp of milk into the same bowl and give the mixture a good mix. Your scrub is ready.

Easy right? 

Coffee is useful for removing your dead skin cells and milk helps you get that glowing complexion. Apply the mixture all over your face with hands or with the help of a clean makeup brush. Gently scrub your skin with your hands in circular motions.

You will notice that the small granules in coffee help with the exfoliation of your dead skin cells. It can help to lighten skin naturally and permanently.  Keep the pack on your face for 5 minutes and then gently wash it off with plain water. 

Massage Cream

yogurt massage cream

For the massage cream, you will need – 

Vitamin E is a very natural skin bleaching agent and its oil will be very beneficial for your skin. It’s available on Amazon as Vitamin E 1000 IU 200 Softgel Capsules.

Take a clean bowl and add 2 tsp of yogurt into it.

Cut the vitamin E capsules slightly from the top and add the oil into the mixture.

Next, add 1 tsp of honey into this mixture.

Both honey and vitamin E capsules have skin bleaching properties that will give you a fair and bright skin.

Yogurt has bleaching properties too that will help you get bright skin in no time. 

Give the mixture a good mix, and start massaging it on your face.

This cream is really effective for those people who have dark, pigmented skin or uneven skin tone. It helps to cure all these skin problems. After massaging your face, leave the mixture on for 30 min. Rinse your face with cold water. 


In the end, I apply Aloe Vera Gel, as a toner and as a moisturizer.

You will notice that the process gives an instant glow to your skin.

You can use this home remedy for skin whitening twice a week .

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14 thoughts on “How To Whiten Skin Fast In 3 Easy Steps”

  1. Hi dear,
    I have acne and open pores and t shape oily and dry cheek ,so should I go for 1st one ,neither please suggest me the best remedy for skin whitening.please reply me back here

    1. The Curious Millennial

      hi Saniya. It’s like a facial. The three steps when followed in a sequence give the best results. However, if you want to try just one of them, go ahead with the first recipe. 🙂

          1. The Curious Millennial

            Hey Varsha, I suggest you use DIY Maks not more than thrice a week. You can use a gentle coffee face wash everyday. But, just avoid using masks and scrubs everyday. Yes, go ahead and skip aloe vera gel if you want. Although it works well for me.

  2. I would love to try this. How many vitamin e capsules (1000 iu) should I put? And how long can I store it in the fridge? Thanks.

    1. The Curious Millennial

      Hi Tina. Do try it out. It is best to try to whiten skin naturally. If you are using a 1000 iu capsule, use 4 tsp yogurt and 2 tsp honey. If you have oily skin, use only half of that 1000 iu capsule with 4 tsp yogurt and 2 tsp honey. You might be able to use the mixture twice this way, which is fine if you store it in the fridge for 1 day. Don’t store it for more than 1 day, as it will not give the same results otherwise (due to the presence of yogurt). I hope that helps 🙂

        1. The Curious Millennial

          Hi Tina. Thanks for your reply. The first step to whiten your skin tone using coffee and milk works amazing for me. Coffee in general works great for my overall complexion and I use it regularly in my skincare routine.

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